THE POSADA’S HEALING GARDEN – Created by Mariana Boldu & Gustavo Dallmann

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Mariana Boldu and Gustavo Dallmann; Master Architects & Landscape Architects (MArch/MLA) through their firm “UNOstudio Arquitectos”  had collaborated  with the Posada Emily in the production of the design master plan that  promoted the integration of the building’s architecture and the exterior spaces including the execution of the Therapeutic and Healing Garden . Their contribution intended to elevate Posada Emily towards a sustainable and healthy sustainable architecture.

The beautiful garden was unveiled at the opening of the Posada Emily with the performance of the Cateura LandfillHarmonic Orchestra. We have more work to do in order to complete the vision of UNOstudio.

60 minutes – Landfill Harmonic

Movie Trailer

It was a particularly meaningful performance for the young musicians who lost a fellow orchestra member last year to cancer at the age of 16. The “Jardin Fernando” was initiated in his honor.


Orchestra playing
Below is the complete list of professionals who contributed to this effort:
Sustainable Architecture: Gustavo Dallmann, MArch/ MLA, UNOstudio Arquitectos
Landscape Architecture: Mariana Boldu, MArch/ MLA, UNOstudio Arquitectos
Architect of Record: Ileana Canillas
Building Construction: Carlos Bellassai, Engineer
Landscape Installation: Cristina Boss
Playground donation and installation: ITAIPU Binacional, Direccion de Coordinacion