Well, I’ve been trying to stay consistent during the winter, worrying if I could do 13 milles after such a brutal winter, having never run any organized race in my life. It was tough –  through sleet and cold and slipping on ice. During a school trip to France with 11 teenagers, I took off through the woods of Chantilly outside of Paris on several occasions. I took a running class at “Mile High” in the East Village which was kinda fun, actually. Our teacher screeched at us over blaring music as we ran “hills” and headed for the finish on our treadmills.  But I guess nothing can prepare you for 13 miles in 2 loops surrounded by hundreds of women. Very excited.

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Here is my Crowdrise link.

“I will be running the MORE Woman’s half marathon on April 19 in NYC in order to raise money for Project for the People of Paraguay. PPP and my “Manitos” charity work together  to raise money for the needy in Paraguay, South America. Programs include child sponsorships to ensure children attend school and get medical help,donations to help children with cancer in the underfunded public cancer hospital (with our “Manitos” charity) and providing housing for families who live in slums. Go to and”


I am touched by the support I have gotten. As my cousin Martha said, It is “the wind in my sails.” And, I will run like Forrest Gump.