Jessica 15th birthday at Posada

We received this news from our friend and fellow board member Tachi Cazal:

Dear friends:
As we start this new year, I want to wish you all the best in 2018. I am sure the year will bring us happiness and challenges.  And as we deal with our challenges, it is always important to remember the tremendous impact of the work that  Claire and Richard started in memory of Emily and that you all do and support in Manitos.  It is tough to see these sick children fight for their life but we all bring to them comfort, dignity and smiles. And there are so many stories to tell..
I want to share today with you a story about the Posada Emily that happened yesterday. Jessica has cancer and almost two months ago she arrived at the Posada  because she is following her chemotherapy treatment. She lives far away from the hospital  and it is hard for her to go back and forth (about 120US dollars each time in bus tickets  for her and her mother). Yesterday,  she turned 15 and a surprise party at the Posada was organized for her in the afternoon with donations from several people who gave her everything for the event (equivalent to sweet 16 in the USA) Friends provided the dress , decoration, cake, souvenirs, hamburgers, etc.. When she arrived from the chemotherapy session at the hospital,  they brought her through the front door of the Posada so as for her not to see the decorations  They took her to her room where a volunteer hairdresser was waiting for her and dressed her.  As she walked to the back of Posada with Mario at her side to dance the traditional waltz, she found the surprise with the patio and the flower garden flower garden fully decorated They tell me that she could not contain their tears. The guests: the children and their parents staying at the Posada and the doctors and nurses who take care of her at the Hospital.    An unforgettable experience for Jessica despite so the so much pain she is going through.   Here are some pictures
This is what Richard and Claire started and you supported.  You ought to know
Warmest regards from Paraguay,