I DID IT! Half Marathon for Paraguay

Yay, team Paraguay! We reached our goal of raising $5,00. Thank you, all.  I must admit that I was anything but calm in the months leading up to this (very scared) – my very first run,  but ran through this wretched winter (worried about training –  I  ran in the pouring rain in the “Foret de Chantilly” while in France on a trip with students ) But – with my “hermana del alma” Laura and my Manitos fundraising buddy Lesle, we formed a running trio and NEVER STOPPED TALKING for 13 miles! That is a record in itself. We solved all the world’s problems, and then some . What I learned – get a fanny pack for those gel packs and look up towards the trees and the skyline when your feet are killing you – your world  seems to expand and you forget the pain.

IMG_0448IMG_3266IMG_3264  IMG_3277         IMG_0456

Back of my team T shirt says – RUN ON SWEET MAMA……